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Canada is one of the most demanded countries for surrogacy procedures. However, due to the growing demand, it is a country where waiting times are usually quite long. In spite of this, the way surrogacy is set up makes it very attractive for many families.

Surrogacy in Canada is regulated in its Assisted Human Reproduction Act and specifically states that it is illegal to pay a woman who chooses to gestate for a family for her services. However, it is legal to reimburse her for reasonable expenses incurred as a result of the surrogacy. Therefore, it is not correct to say that surrogacy in Canada is free, but altruistic.

Women who act as surrogate mothers in Canada are voluntary women who freely decide to help others to complete their family unit, passing on only the expenses related to the pregnancy to the family of intention. Therefore, there is no financial consideration, but a reimbursement of expenses.

In relation to altruism, this should not be confused with austerity. That is to say, altruism tends to lead us to think that the pregnant woman will try to save the family certain costs, and this is not realistic. It is not the responsibility of the pregnant woman to stop incurring necessary expenses, nor would it be beneficial for the proper development of the pregnancy.

Despite this, the costs in Canada are lower than those found in the United States, since there is no direct payment and, at the same time, the Canadian health care system is public, covering the medical expenses of the pregnant woman’s pregnancy (but not those of the newborn).

Only certain provinces in Canada allow surrogacy processes to be carried out with foreign families and, in each of them, the establishment of the filiation of the children will be different.

Answering the question of this post, it is not correct to say that surrogacy in Canada is free, but altruistic and, therefore, many intended parents come to that country because they understand that this is the fairest way to carry out a process of these characteristics.

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