Carrer d'Aribau 161, 08036 - Barcelona
Carrer d'Aribau 161, 08036 - Barcelona

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Ukraine is a country with its own legislation on surrogacy for married heterosexual couples, and with successful fertility clinics. For this reason, it was configured as the main country in the European continent in receiving families to carry out surrogacy processes.

Since the beginning of the war in the country, many families have been caught in the middle of the conflict with their pregnancies in progress, and dozens of Spanish children have been born during the course of the war, with pregnancies still in progress.

In this situation and due to the insecurity of the war itself, the protection of pregnant women and minors has become even more necessary. The different agencies operating in the country have acted from the beginning, each with its own means, in the best possible way to bring women and children to safety. Their work in such complex times is to be commended.

Given the complexity of the situation since the outbreak of the war, we thought it was necessary to give priority and greater guarantees to the families involved in proceedings in the country and therefore we requested judicial protection in each of our cases.

We continue to help families who are in active processes at this time, offering the same priority, due to the unstable situation in the country.

Finally, and in case there is any doubt about our position, we advise against initiating any proceedings in the country at this time for obvious reasons, and we can only legally assist families with ongoing proceedings in Ukraine.


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