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What is the current status of surrogacy insurance?

Many families already involved or who have undergone surrogacy processes will know how important insurance is to cover the expenses of the newborns, and it is this topic that we would like to address in this post.

Until a few months ago, the insurance of preference and reference was provided by the company Allianz Worldwide, who offered a very guaranteeing coverage for families. However, as of November 1, 2021, Allianz changed the conditions of the product, and it is no longer suitable for surrogacy processes.

On the other hand, in Spain there was a policy through Sanitas, which from this office we have never recommended as the best option due to the multiple risks involved. In spite of this, it was a policy that worked in many cases, but which also stopped providing coverage for surrogacy cases a few months ago.

Due to these changes, at Huerga-Abogados we have been looking for months for a solution to the problem and the new insurance that meets the needs of families who carry out surrogacy processes comes from the hand of Bupa. This insurance has the following advantages:

  • Covers all costs for the newborn, whether or not there are complications after delivery.
  • Covers expenses in case of twins.
  • Allows newborns to be included regardless of pre-existing conditions.
  • It has a coverage of more than 1 million euros per insured.
  • It is the most reasonably priced policy on the market today.
As details to be taken into account, it should be noted that this policy has a 10-month waiting period and, therefore, it should be contracted to cover the expenses of the newborn for 2 years in most cases.

We will keep working to always be able to inform about the latest updates within the surrogacy industry.

From Huerga-Abogados we can help you with the contracting of any necessary insurance for your processes.


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